Cru Bourgeois! Chateau Saint-Saturnin 2000 Médoc

I bought six bottles of this 2000 Medoc for $9.99 each last year. Now I wish I bought a lot more!

This isn’t a grand cru, it is a garagiste really. I can’t find much about it online, but what I have read the winemaker is a bit of a rogue. Makes stuff a bit differently and only sells when he needs cash.

First of all, no French or Spanish 2000 vintage has ever disappointed me. Second, how can you go wrong for a damn good Bordeaux for under ten bucks??

This wine seems to have ZERO oak on it. All grape and terroir on the nose. Distinctly Bordeaux terroir at that. Very light, but kilometers of finish. Love this wine!

You may still be able to find some where I did, right here:

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