Achievement Unlocked!

2016 Garzon Tannat Reserve.

I am an unabashed carnivore. I willfully seek out the flesh of lesser beasts to feast upon. Fish, fowl, pork and beef. I love it all. I took a pretty big step towards this carnivorous commitment by raising a couple of steers this past year. I split them with seven other folks – splitting the costs and the proceeds. Tonight I’m making a top sirloin, which is about 1.5” thick and almost as big as my head. This is the cut they make at those “Brazilian Steakhouses” where they call it a “Picanha.”

I figured I had to pair it with something from The Southern Cone. I’ve been drinking too many Malbecs lately, and it called for something closer to Brazil, so to Uruguay I went and opened this Tannat from Bodegas Garzón.

Typical of the Tannat I have tasted before this one was very tart upon opening. A few hours in the decanter (while the giant slab of top sirloin was in the sous vide) served to soften things up nicely.

I really like this wine. Too bad it is so rare to find here in the USA. It is quite different from what we usually drink. Somewhere close to Syrah or Tempranillo but with the spicy kick of a Cabernet Franc or a Nebbiolo. When you can find it, you will discover, like with so many Argentinian and Chilean wines, it is dirt cheap. I think I paid $9 for this bottle!

It paired wonderfully with this giant slab of beef, from a steer I raised myself.

Achievement Unlocked.

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