A good run! 2013 Durigutti Cabernet Franc, Mendoza, Argentina

2013 Durigutti Cabernet Franc

There are some things about me I imagine you have figured out, at least if you have been paying attention. I love red wines. I love Cabernet Franc. I also love aging red wines. But most of all I love a good value.

This wine represents all the above. I bought three bottles way back in 2015. It has taken me until just today to drink the last one. Mind you I only actually drank two glasses from that final bottle, and the rest of it went into a sauce for some beef short ribs I’m slow cooking over the next two days in a sous vide bath. Those short ribs are from a steer I raised last year. Good things come to those who (work and) wait.

This wine tasted like it cost back in 2015. Cheap. I think I paid well under $20. Probably closer to $10. But on tasting the next bottle in 2018 it had improved quite a bit, and I noted that the longer it breathed the better it became. It’s been drinking awesome since I opened it several hours ago. This pattern of buying several bottles and tasting them over a decade or so (this one is nine years old now) has really helped me learn and understand so much more about wine than what little I knew back when I started this website.

I strongly encourage you to practice letting your reds age, even inexpensive ones. They will often surprise you.

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