Nuevomundo es bueno!


The Vinagoth has been in a minor love affair with Chilean wines for a while now.

I stumbled upon this one during my weekly skulk around the wine section of my local grocery. They had signs up about how it was organic, vegan, etc… basically a bunch of complete bullshit that I could care less about. All I saw was: Chilean Cabernet Malbec blend at less than twenty bucks. This grocery also gives a 10% discount if you buy four bottles (of anything) and a greater discount if you belong to their “club” (I signed up under a pseudonym, “Choad Strumming” with a completely bogus phone number and address… I don’t want or need their junk mail… just give me the discount!) so in the end I think I grabbed this one for about $14.

After I drank it I went back and cleaned them out of stock.

Some I’m drinking now, the rest I’m hoarding for the apocalypse.

This is an awesome wine. Chilean wines are a fantastic middle ground flavor-wise between California & France. They have that old world earthy nature, with the precision and power of a new world product. If I were ever to leave the USA and go somewhere it would certainly be Chile, if only to blow a huge wad of Bernardo O’Higgins visaged Pesos on swilling as much cheap Red as I could handle. I can’t speak a word of Spanish, but I can point wildly at bottles and my mouth… that’ll work, right? Donde esta de casa de vina? Solo me parte el conjunto de botella, por favor!

This is 75% Cab/25% Malbec, and 100% Fucking Awesome. Sorry for the blurry cell-cam shot, I was a bit drunk, but overall a very happy man. The label goes on and on about how they’ve organically grown the grapes in feng shui’ed rows of happy vines and certified it for consumption by weirdos who don’t eat anything but dead veggies or something. I just fired up the grill and threw a slab-o-steer on there and uncorked the Nuevomundo. Good stuff!

Seek this one out and serve it with a big slab of sizzling flesh for your vegan friends. Better yet, grill up your vegan friends and invite me over!