Penfolds Club Tawny Port

Penfolds Club Tawny Port

The Vinagoth loves his Port wine. I’d sack and plunder my way through Portugal if I couldn’t just grab some at the local grocery. Good thing that eh? At least if you are Portugal!

Mind you this Port comes from Australia, so they are doing their part to save the Portuguese from the wrath of the Vinagoth. Great folks those Aussies.

I will admit to one serious weakness when it comes to wine; similar to Will Rogers and his acquaintances, I’ve never met a Port I did not like. I like some more than others, but I’ve never taken a sip of Port and not been a happy barbarian. So like sex & pizza, I’m convinced that it is impossible to not be happy when the Port glass is drained… unless of course there is no more Port to be found! Tawny, Ruby, Vintage, you name it, I like it. The only problem I have with Ports is keeping them around the house. Mrs Barbarian has a serious sweet tooth and any booze with a sweet side is hard to keep around. I’ll maybe get a glass then never see the bottle again. She’ll plunder my wine cabinet of anything sweet (Port, Drambuie, various liqueurs) so I’ve gotten in the habit of hiding them. Thankfully she’s rather short and has arms like a Tyrannosaur… short for her overall size. As such just perching my sweet stash on any shelf above my head is enough to keep her from seeing it, much less grasping and devouring it on sight. So Ports go on the top shelf, or hidden in some high spot until I’ve consumed my share. Once I’ve had my way with them I’ll put them within her stubby reach… a sacrifice to keep the atrox uxor at bay. Sweet offerings to soothe the savage beast.

This Penfolds is no exception. Sweet and tasty, it does the job quite well. I found it so nice I sucked down three big glasses of it last night and left the rest of the bottle on a lower shelf(!) for her to find. That should maintain the domestic peace around here for a while.

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