You, uh… Go.

Go Girl Red

I have no idea how much this wine costs. It was given to Mrs. Barbarian after she saved a friend from a fate worse than a broken fingernail… or something like that. It was free as far as I’m concerned!

The full name is “Olympic Cellars Winery Go Girl Red”… cutesy name. (Bleagh! Death to cutesy names! roars the barbarian!) 😛

The wine inside was pretty good, especially since it was a freebie. I cooked up some sauteed shrimp (insects of the sea!) and a specialty green veggie that I created during the last recession we suffered at the hands of a bozo named George Bush – sauteed broccoli. It is garlicy, with some extra garlic. The little sea-bugs were up to their gills in butter and garlic. There was also some pasta with garlic and sun-dried tomatoes. Did I mention there was a bit of garlic in the dinner? The “Go Girl” stood up to the garlic and bugs and broccoli just fine. 

This wine comes from Washington state. The label made some claims about chicks making wine and proceeds going to people up in Washington afflicted with one too many X chromosomes or something… I really don’t care. Not much data about the wine itself, or perhaps I didn’t read it far enough. The bugs were good… I love bugs in garlic. 

Bottom Line: If somebody gives this to you: Drink it.

Otherwise… Meh. I’d buy it out of a bargain bin at a single-digit price, but this isn’t something I’d go searching for.


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