De Martino “Legado Reserva” Syrah 2004


I spotted this Chilean Syrah in the wine section of my grocer today and had to pick it up. I’ve seen all sorts of varietals from Chile, but never Syrah… until today. Now, being a brutish barbarian, I rarely stay in tune with the fashions of the day, and I know Syrah is THE hot grape of this decade. The Aussies and Californians are pumping it out at a prodigious rate… so much so that it is becoming a tad overwhelming. But, as you know I’m on this Chilean kick at the moment because their wines are generally such a great value. The Vinagoth is all about value.

So I grabbed this De Martino Syrah.

Man… it was worth every bit of the $15.39 paid for it. Awesome. In fact, I’d bet if this wine came from California it would fetch $45. It was smooth, subtle, and very tasty! Go out and buy a few bottles of this one before they figure out how much they can jack the price up.

The sticker on the top of the bottle says that the producer, Marcelo Retamal, won the “Chilean Wine Guide’s Wine Maker of the year in 2004.” He earned it with this one. I don’t know if the Chilean Soccer announcers say this but I wanted to shout: “Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll!!!!!!” when I tasted it.

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