Veramonte Cabernet Sauvignon, 2006 Reserva

Verramonte Cabernet

This is one of the wines I grabbed on that rampage through the wine section a while back. As promised here is the review.

Not a bad Cab, but it isn’t a mind-blower. But hey, what do you expect for under $10! If there wasn’t some Spanish on the label you’d swear this was a California Cab. If it was from California you’d be forking over 2X the price though! As such this is a great value. Mrs. Barbarian liked it too, so it must be reasonably good. She’s far more discerning than I… I’ll drink anything… well ALMOST anything, but she will give up on a Red she doesn’t like and go pull some cheesy Riesling from the fridge. She drank most of this bottle, leaving me with just the first and last glass. Barbarian family tradition gives me the last glass of every bottle at the dinner table. Since I like reds far more than the wife, I usually also get a glass or two in the middle as well. Not with this Chilean Cabernet, that was all I got. First and last.

Looking for a Cabernet Sauvignon that doesn’t suck your wallet dry, but also doesn’t suck? Give this one a try.

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