An excellent introduction to New Zealand Pinot Noir.

Repeating myself from an earlier post:
“While dining at our favorite local bistro, I saw a Pinot on the wine list from New Zealand. Being a fearless barbarian I gave it a go. It was wonderful. Light, fruity, very different in character to a French, Oregon, or California Pinot Noir. It was so good I ordered a case.”

This is the wine in question: Momo.

I strongly recommend giving this wine a try. Momo 2004 Marlborough Pinot Noir The price varies from $12.00 to $19.99, depending upon vintage. We’ve been drinking it since 2002 or so, with vintages going back to around 2000. It has been consistently good, and a great value.

I still buy a bottle or two whenever I see it on the shelf at my local wine merchant or grocer. Can’t lose with this choice.

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