Don’t Buy This Wine… unless you have a bird to cook.

While dining at our favorite local bistro, I saw a Pinot on the wine list from New Zealand. Being a fearless barbarian I gave it a go. It was wonderful. Light, fruity, very different in character to a French, Oregon, or California Pinot Noir. It was so good I ordered a case.

This wine however, proved to me that not all New Zealand Pinot Noirs are created equal. My notes, stabbed into my Blackberry say: “Kiwi red pinot noir 2006 Nelson NZ $13.99 awful.”

Those words just don’t do it justice. This stuff tastes like a brown-eyed mullet. It is as if the Grape Cocky flogged some from a kiore in the tip and crushed it with his ute and tossed it in the bottle. Rough as guts mate. It is puckeroo. You’ll chunder.

This stuff is BAD. I can’t even blame it on the cork! (It features a screw top.)

If it were under ten bucks I’d probably poured it down the sink. But since it was Pinot, and a penny shy of $14, I saved it and last weekend used it to make Coq au Vin. It was certainly up to that task. So if you want to blow fourteen bucks on a cheap bird, by all means buy this wine. Otherwise, avoid it like the plague.

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