“Any man who packs a big bore Sharps carbine could come in mighty handy, if we’re attacked by buffalo… or elephants.”

“…or a bottle of Petite Sirah!”

The immortal words of Rooster Cogburn, a man with True Grit. This bottle went down after being holed with a corkscrew, no need for the big bore gun. A tasty 2004 Petite Sirah, hailing from Mendocino County via its Parducci winery. Like any Petite Sirah, Parducci’s True Grit is as big, bold, and over-the-top as The Duke’s iconic portrayal in the eponymous movie. It is fat, blustery, big, wears an eye patch & cowboy boots, and fires away with both hands while holding the reins it its teeth.

OK, I exaggerated … it doesn’t wear an eye patch. It’ll drop a buffalo at 200 yards though.

This will set you back about $18, or 144 bits if you’re a grumpy old cowboy.

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