Apologies dear reader*.

Poor Guy...

I fell ill just after Christmas with a nasty head cold, which transformed into an even nastier case of Bronchitis, a malady I suffered with often in childhood. It hasn’t bothered me in decades but came back to haunt me severely for almost 3 weeks. I had forgotten how miserable it makes me feel. My Barbaric persona completely abandons me in times of illness, or perhaps it just becomes magnified, who knows. I stopped drinking wine (as I couldn’t smell anything anyway!) and took up with a collection of nice small-batch Bourbons I’ve collected through a good friend in Kentucky over the past several years. The whisky got me through the bad weeks, and now my sense of smell has returned. I’m still a tad hoarse from coughing for weeks, but I promise that wine reviews will begin again shortly. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

*(Reader is singular as I know my following is small.)

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