This wine was on sale at a local wine merchant I occasionally drop into near my office. It is a 2005 Zenato Valpolicella “Superiore”. I know absolutely nothing about Italian wines, so I can not provide you with much data here about the region, grapes, etc. This wine however, is very tasty. I liked it a lot. Very dark and deep. Strong flavors, lots of body. Mrs. Barbarian thought that it overpowered the sauteed chicken and pesto pasta I served with it, so perhaps I should have upped the garlic or switched to beef.

If you like BIG red wines this one is a good pick. It is very inexpensive, I paid $12.99 on sale, but it has the full-body that you would expect from a much more expensive wine. Makes me wish I had an Alfa Romeo to hop into and say “Ciao!” as I roar off, spitting gravel on your shoes from spinning Pirellis. I imagine this is the sort of wine that Il Duce would have liked, as it is big, boastful, and Italian. Too much of it would probably turn your tongue red though.

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