Support Chile, drink some wine.

As some of you know, I love Chilean wines. They are right in my sweet spot of “Cheap & Red” while also usually being quite good. As you also no doubt know, Chile was struck by a huge, and I mean HUGE earthquake over the weekend. 8.8 on the Richter scale is mind-bogglingly huge. Over 100 times the size of the quake that essentially destroyed the country of Haiti a few weeks ago. The epicenter of the quake in Chile was just west of the critical wine producing regions of Chile, most especially the Colchagua Valley. It is too soon to know what extent the quake will have on wine production

What you may not know is that your author shares a closer to connection to Chile beyond just a love of wine. Though I’ve never been there some in my family have lived there in the past and I have friends in that wonderful country. While the news media keeps heaping praise on Chile for being prepared and not experiencing total Hatian-levels of collapse, the reality is that this earthquake was VERY strong and has caused a significant amount of damage. It will take Chile a while to recover and we should all do our parts. While copper is the leading export, wine and fresh fruit come in close behind, and have the benefit of being consumer goods. (I don’t know about you, but the only copper I collect is in 1¢ increments in a jar on my dresser.) We can help Chile now by purchasing and consuming Chilean goods. I’m doing my part by only buying Chilean wine for the next two months. Sure, I have other stuff cellared and may drink them over the next sixty days, but my dollars at the wine merchant, and grocery store are going solely towards Chilean vintages.

You can help too! Buy Chilean!. Discover the “lost grape of Bordeaux“, some great Cabs, bargain Merlots, and wonderful blends. Chilean wines are every bit as good as what California produces, at usually less than one-third the price. Great value. Great wines. Viva Chile!

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