Corner Grinder – Cameron Hughes Lot 448 Napa Valley Meritage 2012

In ice hockey there is a particular type of player that every coach wants on his roster. The common terminology used to describe them is “grinder”. One of those players that isn’t afraid to go into the corners of the rink and grind away. Get physical. Hit or be hit. Drop their gloves and engage in fisticuffs if required. No, they’re not a superstar. They’ll never score 50 goals in a season. They likely never enter the hall of fame. Their name will never be mentioned in the same breath as Getzky, Howe, or Richard. You can bet that every superstar hall of famer had plenty of grinders as line mates however. They needed that guy to go into the corner, wrestle the puck away from their opponent, and zip that pass right onto their tape. 

While Lot 448 comes from Napa, it isn’t destined for the hall of fame. It’s a Meritage – fancy name for a mutt. Not a Cabernet or a Merlot, but this coach appreciates a good grinder in the corners of my wine cellar and when the situation calls for it I send one over the wall and out onto the dinner table. Strong. Fearless. Full bodied and flavorful. It will help you put the puck in the net every time. 

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