Super Tuscan, lives up to its name, finally.  Cameron Hughes Lot 374

Cameron Hughes Lot 374, 2007 Super Tuscan. 

I’ve had this wine in my cellar since it arrived back in 2009 or so. Originally I had three bottles, and as is my wont, one of them was likely consumed soon after arrival. I don’t recall it being anything super, but I do remember it being good. The second bottle was consumed around 2013. Again, pretty damn good, but still not super

Well, Super Tuscan finally achieved full Super last night. A dinner guest came over and prepared a hearty Italian meal for a blustery, winter solstice night. The sun had set by midafternoon, following a day of howling wind, rain, snow, and a sunbreak or two. As she sautéed onions, sausages, and peppers for the soup I descended into the cellar for something Italian to accompany the meal. Lot 374 was all I could find. Plenty of reds from California, Washington, France, Argentina, and Chile – but only one Italian: Lot 374. Good thing, as it was spectacular right out of the bottle. A full and meaty wine to accompany a dark and stormy solstice. 
If you are smart enough to have stashed away some of these, I strongly suggest pulling one out of the cellar and enjoying it now. 
This is a blend of 60% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc, and 10% Sangiovese.

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