You win some, you lose some…

Hint: Stick to Malbec

Sometimes I’m a sucker. I fall for things that seem too good to be true. The used car that blows a head gasket 300 miles after I buy it. The promises some asshole boss makes. Or in this case, a Cabernet Franc, from Argentina.

I use an app to track the wines in my cellar. OK, “basement” is a more correct term, but I digress. This app I’m using now also makes me offers based on my “tasting profile”… and I do drink a lot of Cabernet Franc. I don’t post them all here, mostly because they fall outside of the price scope I have set for myself in these ramblings. But this one popped up for a bit over ten bucks. I think I was inebriated when it did pop up because I saw it and said to myself:

“Self! A Cab Franc for $10?? What could possibly go wrong?!”

In addition to that silly thought, the wine carried a bug on the label that proclaimed how Decanter Magazine had bestowed upon it a “best in show” award. Mind you, I have never actually read Decanter Magazine before, but what the hell? They sound like they know what they’re doing, right?

Apparently not.

All I can figure is that the rest of the wines available at this particular show must have been awful.

This wine isn’t really that bad. But it also isn’t really that good. At least not yet.Maybe it is too young. maybe it is suffering a bit of bottle shock? Who knows. I’ll find out when I open the next bottle (I bought more than one) in a few months. Check back and see.

The bottle doesn’t photograph well, so for the time being, we’ll leave it like this and wrap it in a slight air of mystery. At least until I pop the cork on the next one.

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