Dumas Station 2012 Walla Walla Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 

Dumas Station is one of my personal treasures in the wine world. I stumbled upon them at a local eatery in my small town. By habit I tend to scroll right past the standard reds right to the “interesting reds” category on any wine list and it was there I found a Cabernet Franc from Dumas Station that sent me scrambling for more. I signed up for their wine club and have been buying direct ever since. 

Tonight I opened this 2012 Cabernet Not Franc and was pleasantly surprised. It has been in my cellar for a few years and on opening the fragrance from the bottle and cork were fantastic… I knew this was going to be some good stuff. 

Very dark. Earthy. Moody. A bit stanky to be honest. Almost old world. 

I imagine it would be tough to find one of these in a wine shop, or even online now four years after vintage, but if you can I suggest buying a few. They will continue to age well, so drink one now and lay the others down, then revisit from time to time. 

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