Some Lunchtime Drinking: Cameron Hughes Lot 527 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

I’ve had a lot of life changes over the past few years. Many of them were the cause of my lack of wine-blogging, some of them were the cause of me wine-blogging again. A move from one state to another. My kids growing up, and leaving home. A serious illness. The most significant change of all however was the end of my relationship with the person you have all gotten to know as “Mrs. Barbarian.” It was a rough time… for both of us. After a few years of being apart I started dating again, and have been seeing a real fiery testa rossa, who shares my love of tasting good things.

One of those things was this bottle of Pinot Noir from Cameron Hughes. A steal at $13! I’m not usually a fan of Pinot Noir. Pinots are like Porsches, they can be awesome, or they can be awful, but they are almost always expensive. A good, cheap Pinot is about as common as a good, cheap Porsche. But this one is quite good, and indeed cheap, thanks to our negociant friend Cameron Hughes.

We enjoyed it over an evening and better yet, lunchtime the following day where we noshed on fruit, some nice cheeses, and cured meats.The wine is a classic California Pinot, with a light color and a refreshing flavor. Really quite good and Testa Rossa herself said it was a favorite. She loves Pinot Noir, so stay tuned for more reviews provided she doesn’t dump me.

My only issue with this wine was the cork, which dove into the bottle as soon as I pressed the Screwpull into it.

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