Best Value Red of 2016/17: CH Lot 575, 2014 Red Blend, Red Mountain, Washington State

Only in America will you find a winemaker who will mix a Rhone varietal into a classic Bordeaux blend. America, Fuck Yeah!

This wine appeared in my autumn shipment mixed case from Cameron Hughes, and it was a revelation. After I tried it, I immediately ordered a full case of this wine. Big, tasty, and a usual home run from the Red Mountain AVA. As a winemaker once said on The Tasting Room, “if you see a wine from Red Mountain, just buy it. I promise it will be good.”

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a few bottles so far, and plan to keep trying them every six or so months. I imagine they’ll only get better.

Best of all? You can buy them for $16 a bottle. I’ve also seen them on sale as low as $13.

Get some. I promise it will be good.

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