Dusted Valley 2014 Cabernet Franc: Le Garçon Grand!

Big Boy Cabernet Franc

Life had me traveling abroad for a few weeks, so I indulged myself of local wines along the way. I didn’t bother to blog about them as they were universally outside of the low-price scope of this site. Suffice to say I was drinking Pinots, GSM’s and Nebbiolos almost exclusively for two straight weeks. I was unprepared for the shock of this wine… the first I chose to open upon my return home.

Clearly, there is a huge difference between Old World and New World wine styles.

After two weeks of savoring old world reds, most lovingly aged prior to even being sold (I seemed to be drinking mostly 2008-2011 vintages while there) my palette was becoming attuned to soft, earthy flavors.

Then I drank this big boy. Sure, the varietal is of Bordeaux origin, but this Columbia Valley Cabernet Franc is big, BIGGER, BIGGEST. It hit my mouth like a haymaker punch. Not in a bad way mind you… just a BIG one.

This Cabernet Franc is not cheap, weighing in around $40/bottle. But if you’re seeking a big wine for a big meal, this one will do the trick. I’ve got three more bottles (of 2013 & 2014 vintages) in the cellar and likely will let them rest a bit longer to see how they evolve.

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