Damn good wine for under $9!

2012 Espelt Garnacha Old Vines

I grabbed this wine a little less than a year ago from Wine Exchange. The price was $8.98, which is an incredible bargain for what this bottle represents. It isn’t available there anymore, but I highly recommend their mailing list, as it can be a bargain hunter’s dream. 

Testa Rossa and I are avoiding culinary ruts by buying those internet delivery meal things. In this case Sun Basket. I was that kid who ate the same thing everyday growing up… for me it was PB&J. You see I’m perfectly happy to eat the same thing over and over, provided it is something I like. As an adult, it isn’t peanut butter and jelly sandwiches anymore, but something like chicken breast and sautéed green veggies is certainly something I could sit down to every night of the week, so long as I swapped in a steak now and then. Sure, I love gourmet food, but don’t really feel like making it often. As a bachelor, I lived like this for years.  

Tonight’s Sun Basket meal is grilled chicken breasts and sautéed veggies. Seriously. But it is a bunch of veggies I would have never picked myself. As I was looking at the recipe I pondered something to pair with it and ventured down to the cellar thinking of a Sangiovese, or a similar Italian. Instead I found this Garnacha and thought “why not?”

When I pulled the cork and tasted it, the overwhelming sensation was “puckery” like a northern Italian Nebbiolo. Super-tight. After decanting for a bit it softened and really opened up quite well. Paired wonderfully with the chicken. Testa Rossa describes it as “tangy”. 

Very oaky nose. Peppery mouth feel and a long finish. 

Here’s a wine for under nine bucks that drinks as good or better than many forty dollar bottles. 

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