Total Eclipse of the Sun: Vasco Urbano Brunswick Petite Sirah 2013

On sale!

Last summer the USA experienced a total solar eclipse, and for those of us who were able to get into the totality it was an amazing experience.

The wine I enjoyed tonight served as a reminder, as when I held it up to the sun to check the color… it was a replay of the total eclipse from last summer:

Total Eclipse

I can’t recall where I bought this bottle, but true to form it was on sale and marked down from $30 to $19.98. In my cellar-tracking app I see that it was purchased about a year ago, but no note on where. It’s a prototypical Livermore, California region Petite Sirah; DARK, barely there nose, but big, bold fruit in the mouth, long dry finish. It stains the glass as it sits. I can’t imagine what it is doing to my teeth.

I guess if I ever need a sun shade, I just need to pour a big glass and hold it up between me and our nearest star. Eclipse!

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