The sweet, sweet taste of the Blood of Judas…

I don’t know what it is, but I love it.

Label says “2015 Conte Vistarino Sangue di Giuda Costiolo”. Google translate can only make out “Sangue di Giuda” to “Blood of Judas.” I’m totally Okay with this form of cannibalism.

On a whim I bought three bottles of this wine from The Accidental Wine Company. Accidental Wine started as a clearinghouse for wine with damaged labels, but has grown into a great little online wine shop. They often have unusual finds like this one from Italy. So I bought three bottles many months ago, and they’ve been sitting in the cellar since.

Had I known they were this delightful I would have opened them up a long time ago!

This wine is nothing like I’ve ever tasted before. Light for an Italian red, with just a *slight* amount of fizz, and a whiff of sweetness. Very low alcohol. Just delightfully different in every way. In fact I went back to TAWC and bought a few more bottles. They only have a few left. Move fast.

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