Yet Another Amazing Napa Cab…

Cameron Hughes Lot 601 2014 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

This one weighs in at $32, so trending above were we usually talk about wines here on Vinagoth. But this one is a bargain as without the obfuscation by the Negociant, it would likely be an $80+ wine.

Typical of what Cameron Hughes sources out of Napa, this one is pretty amazing, with a lot of aging potential. Two bottles of this wine arrived in one of my CHWine Club shipments in the past year or two and opened one up earlier this week. It was a tad harsh upon opening, and took quite a while to open up. But once it did? Pretty damn good!

In fact this wine lasted several days after being opened (with a simple liquor bottle cork stopped in the opening) and at least three days after opening it was still amazingly good.

Highly recommend!

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