Early Peak. CH Lot 530

I don’t drink a lot of Syrah these days. It seems to be at the same place where Merlot was in the late 90s. Overproduced.

That said, I seem to have a lot in my cellar. Most via wine clubs I belong to that send me bottles every year. This one isn’t just a Syrah, it has some Grenache in the (Rhône) blend.

Home alone last night I had a steak and some veggies in the pan as the sun approaches the horizon and I figure I should grab a bottle to round out the meal. This one is resting atop a rack within easy reach in the cellar… that’s the extent of thought that goes into my choice.

Upon opening, the wine is terrific. Softer and more subtle than I expect it to be. I enjoy a half glass as I cook, and a full glass along with dinner. I put a good quality stopper into the bottle and leave the half or so overnight…

This is where something goes terribly wrong. Today around mid-afternoon it is unseasonably warm and sunny and I think “wow, it would be great to sip a glass on the deck…”

The first sip is a shock. Harsh. Sour. Undrinkable. I never make it to the door; instead a swift U-turn to dump the remaining wine down the sink.

Some wines take a day or three to get to this stage. Not this one.

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