The nose knows.

I don’t know very much about Italian wines. I have enjoyed many of them, but my knowledge of them is as limited as my knowledge of Italy and Italian itself. I went to Italy once, for two and a half days, and I very swiftly discovered how little I know. My AirBnB host had been using Google Translate to email me for weeks, but upon arrival I learned that she spoke about as much English as I spoke Italian… zero. Yeah, I can say “spaghetti” and “Lamborghini” and wave my hands a lot, but that only gets you so far. My host speaking Italian LOUDER didn’t help me use their Wi-Fi at all.

Even my school-boy French, which saved my ass at least three times in France, got me fuck all in Italy.

That said, I LOVE a good Italian wine and oftentimes they can be a real bargain. I bought this one about four years ago, on sale for about $10/bottle.

I’m now kicking myself for only buying three because it is absolutely amazeballs.

The nose this wine puts out is incroyable! It just bulldozes up your nasal passages like a wide ship in a narrow canal. “Coming through!” Big red fruits. Otherworldly earthiness. And a whole lot of notes I can’t even begin to describe. I could just sit and sniff this wine all night long.

In the mouth, it doesn’t quite live up to the nose, but it’s pretty damn close. Wonderfully dry. Paired amazingly well with some rosemary-crusted lamb chops.

Since my knowledge of Italian is so minuscule, I can’t tell you much about this wine beyond it being from Tuscany, and mostly (if not completely) Sangiovese grapes.


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