The Un-Bordeaux Bordeaux: Bouscat Caduce Bordeaux Superieur 2012

I bought this wine in 2017 for less than ten bucks a bottle. $9.98/bottle in fact. For some reason I haven’t touched any of my six bottles, until today.

Note to self, save the other five bottles for a sunny summer afternoon.

This is the most un-Bordeaux Bordeaux I have ever tasted. It drinks like a Rosé. Bright, acidic fruitiness. No oak at all. Mild tannins, and only in the finish.

It is like a bizarro-world Bordeaux.

I’m not sure who Jean Pierre Dubernard is, but I’m surprised he can walk around safely in daylight anywhere in France. Not that I’m not liking this wine, I just don’t know what his countrymen think of this juice and how different it is from their norm.

Like the CH Barbera from Lake County this is a red that drinks very un-red like. It is fruity and refreshing rather than dark, brooding and oaky. Again, I can appreciate that for what it is (I drink a lot of Rosé wines in the summer!) and I will plan on drinking these on summer evenings on the deck.

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