Amazing Petite Sirah: 2009 Marietta, Alexander Valley

I bought two bottles of this wine many years ago. Paid around $15/bottle. One of the benefits of having an extensive cellar is forgetting/losing/ignoring items for a while. While that would fail miserably in any other foodstuff, with wine it often pays dividends.

From my notes I see that I drank one bottle in 2017, well over two years ago. I rated it four stars and spoke highly of its density, flavor, and overall deliciousness. Now, in the latter half of 2019 it is even better! It has lost a lot of its tannic edge, but gained an amazing amount of softness, and subtlety of the oak it was initially aged within. I opened the second of my two bottles two nights ago, and have enjoyed it over that time period. Nowhere along the way did it lose anything after uncorking.

This just serves to remind me what an underrated grape Petite Sirah is in today’s world. A Cabernet THIS GOOD would cost you ten times what I paid for this wine. Maybe more. Petite Sirah is California’s undiscovered gold mine. Perhaps long after I’m dead the world will wake up to this fact.

You heard it here first.

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