Sad Spumante is Sad. Pojer & Sandri N.V. Spumante

Overpriced at $29.98

It’s Sunday. It’s also Father’s Day. I got a bunch of stuff done today (including starting a project doing something I’ve never even tried before and so far, it is going well!) So I decided to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than popping a cork from a bottle of bubbly?

Well, I wished I’d have picked another to be honest. Oh well.

I often celebrate Sunday with a bottle of bubbles… why not? I usually also stock up on a wide variety of sparkling wines around the holidays so my cellar is ready for these impromptu celebratory situations. This is an Italian wine, but from a German-speaking area they annexed from Austria in the aftermath of WW1. It’s a straight up Pinot Noir & Chardonnay methode Traditionale Champagne-style sparkler, despite the “Spumante” designation. In the bubbles department they nailed it an invasion of France in May 1940. Perfect tiny bubbles like you would expect from Champagne. But in every other aspect, it goes down like the subsequent strike through the Ardennes forest: falling short and missing the objectives. The flavor is far too light, and almost watermelon-like.

Not really that great. I’ve had much better sparkling wines for significantly less money.

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