Mucho Malbec! 2014 Pascual Toso Reserva

2014 Pascual Toso Reserva Malbec, Barrancas Vineyards, Argentina

On a visit to some relatives in Texas at least five years ago I first tasted this wine. It wasn’t this specific vintage, but it was certainly this wine. I snapped a photo of the bottle and went online to find some to buy. I bought three bottles of the 2014 for about $24 each and cellared them. Trying one every two years or so. This one was my last bottle, which I opened to accompany a steak dinner and a hockey game on my Roku. My team has not done well during this second pandemic season after a great showing in last summer’s weird “bubble” playoffs. Last night they played really well, about as stellar as this Malbec.

It has a wonderful brick red color in the glass. A mildly dusty nose. And an explosion of amazing flavor in the mouth. Perfect pairing for a peppered steak!

The first two bottles I opened required some time in the decanter to soften, but this last one was killer from the moment I pulled the cork. It stayed killer into the following day. Great value Malbec.

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