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Huntington Petite Sirah 2005: Death by Bludgeoning, in a pleasant fashion.

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Vinagoth like Petite Sirah.  Don't let the name fool you. Petite Sirah is NOT "petite" and from what my limited intelligence can gather, it isn't "syrah" either. Petite Sirah is like a single malt Scotch. Something normally used in blending because ...

Nuevomundo es bueno!

Saturday, May 10th, 2008 Posted in Cabernet Sauvignon, Cheap and Red, Chile, Malbec | 3 Comments »

The Vinagoth has been in a minor love affair with Chilean wines for a while now. I stumbled upon this one during my weekly skulk around the wine section of my local grocery. They had signs up about how it ...

Hello world! Where’s the corkscrew?

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Welcome to the Vinagoth's rose-colored world. Take a seat, have a pour, and join the fun.