Go-to Favorite: 2012 Guenoc Lake County Petite Sirah


Guenoc is the very first Petite Sirah I ever tasted. It was a long time ago, in a place far, far away. It is consistently good. So good that I can honestly say this glass tastes just the same as the first Lake County Guenoc I tasted back in the day. I’m not really good at nosing/tasting terroir in most wines, but like Islay in a Scotch Whisky, I can always sense Lake County in a red wine. I don’t know why, but I can. It is here in this glass as well, and I REALLY like it.

This Petite Sirah is a good sample of the meaty varietal, with a big backbone and a finish that goes on forever (with that distinctive Lake County sensation.)

I stated in that earlier (wow… 2008) post that I buy a case of Guenoc estate Petite Sirah every year. Well, I have failed to do that for a long time now. Tasting this (non-estate version) is reminding me of that folly. I should fix that.

You should too.

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