Snowed in with a (not yet so) Super Tuscan

I live in the mountains. I can’t imagine living anywhere else to be honest. Beaches are not my thing. Neither are cities (though I visit them often and see their charm, especially when it comes to finding good eats.) One of the dangers, or perhaps from my perspective, one of the benefits, of mountain life is when it snows, it snows a LOT. I like snow. Actually i LOVE snow. It makes everything wonderful. I work from home most of the time so “snow days” are just another day for me. I really don’t have to go anywhere, so snow just makes the view out my windows that much better. I make a fire, sit at my desk, and get paid to bang my fingers on a computer keyboard. Might as well have a pretty view!

My favorite moments out my window are; early morning sun on the snow-covered peaks, animals browsing for food (I see elk, deer, rabbits, quail, etc out there almost every day), and best of all: the full moon illuminating the snow-covered landscape so brightly that I never need to turn on a light to see anything inside or out.

I’ve been sort of snowed in for the past few weeks. A series of storms has landed a foot of snow each on my home in the mountains. I’ve had very little need to leave the house, so I’ve just enjoyed it as much as I can. One of the ways I’ve enjoyed it is cooking nice dinners and opening wines from the cellar (which is currently hovering around 44ºF rather than its usual 55ºF.) One of the wines I had recently is this 2013 La Massa I.G.T – aka “Super Tuscan” meaning a blend of Tuscan and Bordeaux grapes. In this case the blend is mostly Sangiovese and Merlot, with a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon and Alicante Bouschet.

It was good, but nowhere as good as the last “Super Tuscan” I tried. That one took almost five years of cellar time to blossom into something awesome. This La Massa only cost me about nineteen bucks, and I think I grabbed six bottles, so if history is my guide I should hang onto the remaining stock until around 2018 or later. I’ll consider this a mental note to do so.

Meanwhile… let it snow!

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